A New Way to Get Maternity Clothing

Not everyone wants to go out shopping when they’re pregnant. However, during the course of a pregnancy women often change sizes and need new clothes. One way to deal with this is to sign up for a clothing box subscription service, such as www.bumpstylebox.com. These services send you either a one-time box or monthly boxes of maternity items chosen just for you.

How It Works

With a subscription clothing service, you sign up for an account and fill out a profile listing your likes, dislikes, and sizes. Then, a stylist will look over the profile and choose between six and eight items of clothing that you might like. This could include dresses, pants, skirts, tops, and accessories. There’s typically a styling fee which is credited toward the clothing that you purchase. Once you get the items, you try them all on, keep anything you like, and send back any items that aren’t what you’re looking for. You’re only charged for the items you keep, and shipping is free both directions. You can ask for just one box or you can get a new box each month. After you go over your box, you can leave feedback for the stylist about what you liked and didn’t like so she’ll have more information to use when styling your next box. You can cancel anytime, just be sure to do so at least a couple days before your next box is due to ship if you have a monthly subscription.

Other Options

The BUMPstyle Box also has a couple other options available. They have a basics box you can purchase that contains a nude maternity bra and a dress, leggings, and cami in black. These are basic clothing pieces that will come in handy for most pregnant women and they can be mixed and matched with your other maternity clothing. The other box option for those looking for some of the basics they might need or want during pregnancy is the starter box. This box contains non-clothing items, such as Preggie Pop Drops to help with nausea, samples of a stretch mark oil and cream, an oatmeal chocolate chip pregnancy cookie, and waistband extenders. This can be a great gift to send someone who’s newly pregnant.