Essential Oils: How Should You Get Started Using Them?

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways, improving health, helping with pain, and improving mood. While the most popular method of using essential oils is through inhalation, oils can also be applied topically and some can be taken orally. Before a person begins using essential oils, it is vital they learn all they can about the benefits and even the dangers so they will be properly prepared.

Essential oils are purged from flowers, herbs, and other plant life through a process called distillation. The process involves the fresh plant being placed over boiling water. As the steam rises, it is collected and then cooled, where the essential oils separate from the water and can be bottled. Essential oils are sometimes mixed with other oils, fats, alcohol, and some solvents but never water since oil and water do not mix.

There is a book that can help individuals learn all they need to know about essential oils and how to use them. The 7TH Edition Essential Oils Desk Reference is a comprehensive guide that takes readers from the history of essential oils to practical applications that are used today. This book is not only meant to be read through in its entirety but also to be used as a handy flip guide when using different types of essential oils.

The book is easy to use and features an extensive topical index so a person can quickly find what they are looking for without having to skim through over 600 pages of material. This book contains all of the information a beginner in essential oils would need to get started but is also advanced enough to provide new information to those who have been using essential oils for some time.

The key to using essential oils is fully understanding their properties and how they can benefit the body. It is imperative a person fully understands how to use each essential oil so they will know if it is safe to take internally, needs to be applied topically, or will need to be inhaled for the greatest benefit.

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