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Jobs on Cleaning a Medical Office

A medical office cleaning job is very different from an office building cleaning job. In the cleaning of a medical office, you have to make sure that every part of it gets disinfected. Particular attention is given to areas in the medical office where patients stay, to get rid of the germs and prevent further contamination.

If you are a cleaner you would be busy with setting the magazines in the right place and on clearing the waste basket if it is full already. A non-carpeted waiting room floor can be swept of any trash and dust to keep it clean for the patients and visitors. A carpeted waiting room floor has to be vacuumed for any trash and dust that has accumulated in it. The medical office waiting area is not just your ordinary waiting area found in other offices, the standards of cleanliness for it greatly differs from those of the others.

Starting with the reading materials given to the patients while they are waiting, these should be wrapped in plastic sleeves. A reading material wrapped in plastic sleeve, before placed in the rack, should be thoroughly disinfected. A cleaners has to make sure also that the rack for the reading materials has been disinfected from all of the germs and viruses that could be reproducing in it already.

Typically, the waiting area furniture are only cleaned once a month. In case of the medical office, the waiting area furniture has to be cleaned at the end of each day. The cleaning personnel makes sure that the tables, benches, and chairs are disinfected. To protect the patients from contracting any form of viruses and germs, that is the goal of disinfecting the waiting area furniture daily. Disinfection is even done to the plants that are placed in the waiting area. It is possible for germs and viruses to be present in the plant’s parts, so it needs to be wiped and sprayed with a disinfectant.

To make the cleaning of the floors of the medical office hassle-free, you can have it tiled so that the cleaning only involves sweeping and mopping. The thing with carpeted floors is that they are a challenge for those who does the removal of viruses and germs. The tile should be the flooring for a medical office.

Cleaners are also given the task of making sure that the filters in the air condition are functioning well to prevent the spread of airborne bacteria and virus.

Disposable materials in the medical office, like syringes and vials, should be immediately thrown away and not reused. Since this type of waste is infectious, you do not throw it in the same trash bins as your other garbage, but throw them in special infectious waste bins.

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