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Drug Testing Kits

Drug usage has become a common vice among people of all age groups. The number of people abusing has been on the rise every day. This increase has brought about the need for different sectors to work together to eradicate the vice. Police, schools and event other organizations are teaming up together to help in its reduction.Drug testing has become mandatory in many sectors. Various methods are used to detect any presence of drugs in a humans body. One gives samples that are required for the tests to be conducted.after the samples are taken they are analyzed then the results sent to the relevant persons.

Hair samples ,breath ,urine, blood or even saliva are collected for these tests.

Testing of Urine
These are a tests conducted on the urine sample collected from a person. This is the most common method used in drug testing. It is the most affordable drug testing method.There are many drug testing kits one can purchase over the counter. This kits come with directions which make their usage smooth and fast.

Tests using saliva
This method of drug test is easy for the sample is easily conducted. People find it less invasive to ones privacy than a urine test.This method gives instant results.These advantages make it gain its popularity in places where fast result and privacy should be considered.

Blood test
This method is the most effective. This method shows the different levels of drugs in a human system.This method can detect for what period of time drugs have been used. It is costly and can only be done by a professional. The sample collection and procedure are delicate and require them to be conducted in a professional manner.

testing of hair specimen
this method makes use of hair for testing.A medical practitioner will collect 100 strands of hair and run tests on them. This method can detect even the smallest amount off drugs in one’s body. It can detect drug use up to 90 days prior. It is the most expensive method. The samples can be collected using any other body hairs apart from scalp hair.

Drug testing by use of breath
These tests are commonly used to detect abuse of alcohol. This is mainly used to detect drivers who are drinking and driving under the influence. The equipment used is known as a breathalyzer. For any drug test results to be accurate certain steps and precautions have to be taken during the process.

Drug tests are necessary in helping in the eradication of this habit.

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