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How to Shop for the Right Cologne or Perfume A lot of people love wearing any kind of scent, be it perfume or cologne. Scents are used in order to smell better, enhance beauty and increase confidence. At other times, they help you lift your mood. Today, you can find a wide array of perfumes and colognes. In fact, there are so many wearable scent companies that enjoy billions of dollars of income annually. This has made competition to grown even stiffer. And with the increase in the options for scents, buyers are now made to face a very exacting of choosing a perfume or cologne for them. If you are into shopping for new and different scents, either for you or for someone else you love, then the guidelines on choosing a scent to buy can surely be helpful to you. SELECTING A SCENT
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There are various notes to every cologne or perfume. These notes are the ones that determine the overall scent of a cologne or perfume. Notes come in three layers: Base, top, and middle notes. The specific and unique smell of a cologne or perfume comes from the combination and synergy of all the layers of its notes. For instance, there are scents that are considered to be flora. They are composed of different scents like geranium, gardenia and rose. There are also cents that are much fruitier. These are those coming with undertones of apple or maybe citrus.
Understanding Perfumes
You can also fine exotic perfumes. These scents come with spicy notes such as cinnamon or star anise. Men scents are also composed of various notes. Musk scents have more masculine tone. Other scents for men do come with notes that are based on pine or leather. When seeking to purchase a scent, it is a good idea to consider its base notes. Right after that, you have to consider the specific scent that pleases you. Some people make a research before buying a cologne just to make sure that they know enough when they enter the store. CHOOSING A CONCENTRATION Scents come in four different concentration levels. Most of the time, the price for a scent goes up as its concentration goes high. Not only that, scents that come with higher levels of concentration may also bear a stronger smell. You can also expect them to stay much longer. Even though they tend to be more expensive than the rest of the other perfumes in the market, they are worth it. Perfume or parfum are the scents that come with the highest concentration. Following the parfum is the eau de parfum. It can last as long as six hours. The eau de toilette is the third one. It is more pocket-friendly and be readily purchased from retail stores. The lowest fragrance concentration is the eau de cologne.