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The Reasons Why You Must Visit the Big Bend National Park It is really a great thing to visit the Big Bend National Park due to isolation. Such is 1,250 square miles which is about the size of Rhode Island. This has 300,000 visitors a year which breaks down to about 821 visitors per day. This means that each visitor may get 1.5 square miles to themselves. People will meet around particular parts of the park but when you go on the backpacking trip, it is not uncommon for you to go three to five days without seeing another individual. You must know that the park’s isolation is quite serious. The bears, mountain lions and snakes are quite more common than the visitors and such dry desert heat can be relentless. If you check in with the park rangers to have your permit, you must be prepared for the ranger to ask such detailed questions about where you would camp, hike and how prepared you actually are. You must know that the rangers have to take your pictures, the soles of your hiking boots and the gear. Various unprepared hikers have wandered off into such beautiful land and not return. You should not let that scare you but you must let this prepare you. The night sky is also great to witness. The Big Bend National Park is possibly the darkest place in the lower 48. It is not hard to notice the difference between the normal night sky and looking up if you are in Big Bend. You will definitely see more star light than total darkness and there are shooting stars which are really normal as breathing.
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You should also visit this place because of the sunrise and sunset that it offers. It can be difficult to beat the sunset or the sunrise in Big Bend due to all of the colors in both the sky and also the ground. The sky would light up the clouds in pinks as well as purples. The light which hits the burnt orange and red desert landscape is amazing.
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You should also come to this place because of its wildlife. With the limited impact by man in the place, the wildlife is able to thrive. Mule deer would just roam normally just like the cattle and the coyotes can be seen around and also the snakes are going to bask under the warm sun. The place sure offers a wild side in just a short time. The wildlife still owns such place. If you are a lover of nature, then the Big Bend National Park is really a great place that you can visit. In such place, you will be able to experience great things that you have not experienced before. Hence, if you are up for some adventure, then you shouldn’t miss this place.