Tea is a daily drink that is often served in a banquet or taken for granted. In addition to the delicious taste, tea has a lot of very useful content for the body. Today we find many innovations from tea that has various flavors, such as strawberry tea, lemon tea and even milk tea. Milk tea is a mixture of tea and milk that has a very good taste. And as you know that milk is one type of beverage that is very good for the health of the body, in its own milk has a variety of very complete nutrition. In the food menu, milk becomes a perfect complement to nutrition 4 healthy 5 perfect. For dairy children it is good to support growth and nutrition in their bodies and for adults, milk has many benefits such as mixed body care, cosmetics, dietary supplements and more. The benefits that can be caused if you mix it with tea as well as the benefits of grass tea because the content contained in milk tea.

Nutrition Of Mixed Milk Tea

Fats and minerals

The amount of content in tea mix milk will cause various benefits as well as on the benefits of flower tea if you consume. But you should know that the mixture between tea and milk is not like the milk in general. If in general the milk is a mixture of sweetened condensed milk and tea, here is meant fresh milk mixed with the without any additional sugar, syrup or other types of sweeteners. This is because if the milk tea in general that has a sweet taste, in fact it almost has no benefits although it tastes more delicious. The milk in general is actually harmful to your body health.

Benefits of Mixed Milk Tea

Preventing Early Osteoporosis

One of the benefits of mixed milk tea that is different from the benefits of lindara leaves tea is to prevent osteoporosis. This can happen because the content contained in milk is zinc and phosphorus is very good to keep your bone health so you will spared of osteoporosis early. The content will help and reduce and even repair damage to your bones. And as you know that the older the age of a person the more susceptible to osteoporosis, by drinking tea mixed with milk, then you will avoid premature osteoporosis.

Maintaining Dental Health

In addition to bone health, the benefits of the next milk mix tea is maintaining healthy teeth. The calcium and phosphorus content found in milk-mixed tea can help protect the enamel on your teeth. And keep in mind that mixed milk tea is a mixture of milk tea without sugar at all. This is because the content and sweetness in sugar can damage the benefits and nutrients that exist in milk mixed tea.

Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

The nutritional content of tea mixed with milk as the benefits of sour sop leaves tea that can reduce your blood pressure and help the heart working system becomes easier, so you will avoid the risk of heart disease. Drink milk tea in the morning with a dose of approximately 2 to 3 times a week, then you will feel the benefits.

Preventing And Treating Colon Cancer

The content of milk mixed tea has high levels of antioxidants as in the benefits of binahong tea that is able to ward off free radicals cause cancer. Not only that, milk mixed tea has linoleic acid content that can prevent and overcome colon cancer.

Lose weight

For those of you who are undergoing the process of dieting, you can add tea mix milk as menu support your diet. The content of substances in tea mix milk can help the process of destruction of fat in your body, so that the process of your diet will run more effectively and quickly.

That is the benefit of milk mixed tea that we can convey, in fact there are still many benefits of milk mixed tea that you will get if you drink it regularly. Good luck.

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