Who doesn’t love a mango? Be it that you are cross country running across the sunlight drenched terrain, or you lounging in a deck chair in the arms of your lover, the relishing taste of this tropical fruit is guaranteed to tickle your fancy.

But even among the king of fruits, there exists a special and unique variant, one that is exclusively grown throughout the Southern regions of India only (Goa, Tamil Nadu, etc.). This special type of mango is known as Alphonso Mango. But what exactly makes this particular kind of mango standout from its siblings. To know the answer, we must dive into some of its facts and characteristics (no, we are not talking about the taste. That comes later. Control yourself till them). Here they are –

  • Alphonso mangoes are readily identifiable by their rich, creamy, and tender texture of golden yellow
  • Ice cream, sorbet, lassi, soufflé, etc. are some of the main Alphonso mango dishes
  • The import of Alphonso mango was banned in several European nations due to it attracting various species of fruit flies. Several years later, this ban was lifted
  • Unlike other mangoes, Alphonso mangoes pack a slightly sour taste that adds to the uniqueness of their flavor.

Health Benefits of Alphonso Mangoes

The unique and enriching great taste of Alphonso mangoes is not their only distinguishing characteristic. They are in fact loaded with a number of great health benefits. Let us take a look at some of these benefits –

  • Anti-cancer – Scientific research shows that regular consumption of Alphonso mango intake helps mitigate the chance of cancer in the body, due to it being rich in essential nutrients.
  • Good for skin – A common trait among all mangoes, but more so in Alphonso mangoes, it helps clear out the skin pores, restoring skin glow and luster.
  • Rich in essential vitamins and nutrients – Alphonso mangoes are known to contain a number of body essential nutrients, such as – vitamin A, vitamin D, etc. This helps combat and prevent a number of adverse conditions, related to various parts such as kidney, bowel, etc.
  • Aids in digestion – Alphonso mango consumption is known to stimulate bowel movement and digestion cellular activities. This improves digestion and other body-related metabolism activities.
  • Helps combat kidney disorders – Kidney conditions such as Nephritis, etc. are readily treated and remedied through mango consumption. So be sure to receive the best possible (and the most delicious) treatment through Alphonso mango consumption.

Getting Alphonso Mangoes online

Through the magic of online gift delivery (and I use the word “magic” here, cause that literally seems to be the case), you can get Alphonso mangoes online! Yes, you read that right. How awesome is that?! Imagine you sitting at your home, too lazy to rise up but you still want to eat mangoes. So you order some through the online delivery and BAM! It is right there on the same day. So, order alphonso mangoes online today.

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