With a variety of name brands, Gisele takes extra care in choosing many different styles and colour options, so the likelihood of wearing the same outfit as someone else in the area is rare. Swimwear, lingerie, cozy pajamas, dazzling jewelry, sleek wallets and chic purses or footwear, DWWG always offers an exceptional shopping experience.

“All of it is vital to retaining our valuable customers,” said Gisele.

Dress Well with Gisele goes beyond providing services to their customer base. The store also gives back to the community in a big way by donating extra inventory to local charities in the area after each selling season.

“Without my customers, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.”

Stay up to date on fashion trends with the ‘Outfit of the Day’, new brand reveals and deals through the DWWG Facebook page.  Shop online or in person at 818 Main Street.

Up Clothes and Personal Styles For You – at the BOB award winning Dress Well With Gisele.


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