With Summer in full swing, making travel plans for the season is inevitable for most consumers. After making travel plans and putting together an itinerary, packing and saving enough room for souvenirs is up next on the checklist. Packing can be a hassle especially with the costs and limits of luggage and carry-ons on the rise. Perhaps the key to getting the most out of packing is choosing the perfect carry-on. Keeping up with the latest trends and travel guidelines, Rank & Style compiled a list of the most stylish, durable and functional carry-ons for any traveler’s need.

Choosing the right carry-on for different types of travel plans is very important. The exterior of carry-ons come in two options, either hard-side or soft. The more protective option, especially for transporting fragile goods, is the hard-side selection because of its firm external shell. The soft exterior selection is more compartmentalized and usually has more flexibility which is ideal for bringing back items that were picked up while traveling. The interior of the carry-on is just as important as choosing the right exterior. Choosing a carry-on that has plenty of room and compartments also plays an important role when choosing the perfect carry-on.

After choosing the right exterior and interior type, it’s time to look at convenience options such as having wheels and if so how many. Some carry-ons come with either two or four wheels. While two-wheel options only allow you to roll either forward or backward, the four-wheel option has a 360-degree rotation, allowing push, pull, and spin handling. If wanting to travel and do less lifting and manual maneuvering, the four-wheel handling option is ideal. Because each airline has their own carry-on restrictions, the size and weight of the carry-on are also important. Most airlines have a standard for carry-on size which is 22 x 14 x 9 inches in dimension and 7.5 pounds in weight. It is always best to check with the airline’s restrictions before choosing and packing a carry-on.

Deciding on the right carry-on also depends on the type of traveler and the type of traveling a person may be doing. A short business trip may require something more practical rather than trendy; a carry-on that’s spacious, durable and has compartments to fit electronic devices and other necessities. On the other hand, if traveling on a vacation for pleasure purposes, a fashionable and handy carry-on with enough space to fit overhead to keep up with your things should work. Choosing to have wheels and how many should be considered on how much physical maneuvering one may be doing during their travels.

Utilizing a carry-on is a convenient part of traveling. Carry-ons offer additional space for taking or bringing back extra things like souvenirs or that product needed for work. If packed properly, a carry-on can be used as an additional suitcase helping to avoid the rising costs of bringing additional luggage. Whether for business or pleasure finding the right type of carry-on should be important and a fun experience for any traveler.

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