Essential Tips for Piano Maintenance

If you have some love for music, a piano could be one of the heartiest objects that you own. Pianos can be your family’s primary source of entertainment. If you want them to last longer, you need to know all that there is about piano conservation.


How to properly maintain your piano


It is always advisable to be careful when handling your piano. It is the only way to see to it that you use it for the longest time possible. Taking care of it can be quite an easy task.

Stay away from the inner workings of the piano


The internal components of your piano will need cleaning and service every once in awhile, but unless you are a technician, do not do it. As much as you would love to do it yourself, always remember that you might end up damaging some of these parts. Always hire a specialist to clean the action, soundboard, strings and all other internal parts.

Safely place your piano


Piano conservation also entails placing it in a safe location. Most preferably, it should be against an inner wall and far away from sunshine which may fade and sometimes crack the piano’s finish. Other things that should also never come into contact with your piano include moisture that may corrode the metal components of the object and air currents that dries out its wood.


Maintain the piano’s exterior


It is only natural to get concerned about how your piano’s surface looks like. From time to time, use a dusting cloth to wipe dust from its surface. You can make use of a slightly damp cloth to clean the keys. Again, for proper piano maintenance, it should never come into contact with any kinds of liquids.


Play it regularly

If you want to maintain your piano properly, you have to play it regularly. This not only gives you the enjoyment that you desire but also allows you to notice any existing defects and fix them in due course. Regular practice also enables you to reach your music goals sooner.


Tune your piano after every six months

Tuning your piano is one of the most crucial aspects of piano maintenance. Most manufacturers advise that you should do it at least once in every six months. If you ignore tuning your piano, the pitch might fall, and an elaborate pitch raise tuning will even cost you more money.


Find a piano technician


You should not only run to a piano technician whenever your piano has problems. You can find one who will check your piano on a regular basis to ensure that it is always in good shape. Ask for recommendations from friends to make sure that you hire a competent person to take care of your piano. Checking online reviews might also be of some help.

A lot of things can affect the well-being of your piano. As a music enthusiast and a piano lover in particular, you should not let this investment waste away. Spend time with it, hire a piano technician to assist you in taking care of it and ensure that it is always clean. These piano conservation tips will make sure that you use it for decades.