TEHRAN-The 12th edition of Fajr National Fashion and Clothing Festival inaugurated at Tehran’s Sa’dabad Palace on Thursday, featuring a prominent roster of selected designers.

This year’s festival will showcase 43 chosen designs, as reviewed and approved by a distinguished jury panel, IRNA reported on Friday.

In this edition of the festival, which is scheduled to conclude on January 25, the fashion and industry section encompasses 20 unique designs, while the exhibition’s women’s social clothing section will present 23 creations, the report added. 

In addition to individual designers, design teams have also participated in this edition of the festival, with each contributor presenting a complete collection of their products, featuring three looks.

During the opening ceremony, Seyyed Majid Emami, an official in Iran’s fashion and clothing industry, announced that more than 22 one-day workshops have been organized nationwide in line with the festival’s overarching theme. 

These workshops aim to provide local designers with a scientific approach to design, rooted in Iranian-Islamic criteria, color, pattern, and motif, among other factors, he stated.

Emami further emphasized the significance of supporting Iranian designers, emphasizing the positive impact it can have on the national economy. 

He highlighted that the textile industry is highly labor-intensive in the country, and by encouraging the use of local designers and purchasing Iranian clothing, the economy can flourish. 

Furthermore, if the substantial amount of money spent on smuggling clothes is redirected towards buying Iranian clothing, and if Iranian garments are known for their healthiness, beauty, and style, this industry can play a pivotal role in solving economic challenges, he added.

Back in August, the official announced that Tehran Fashion Week is slated to be held simultaneously with the 12th Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival. 

During the previous edition of the festival which was held in July 2022 in Milad Tower, fashion designers from across Iran and some other Muslim nations showcased their latest designs at the event.




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