Direct or indirect sunlight always damages linen curtains. This damage is hardly noticed especially if the color of the linen curtain is white. The signs of damaged curtains include color fading, fibers feeling dry, yellowing, weak brittle when touched. The other sign of damage includes shrinkage which results when there are rapid extraction and excess agitation. The following are important steps in cleaning the linen curtains without damaging it.

Create the cleaning solution


To remove the age yellow stains, one should soak the linen curtain in a non-chlorine bleaching agent solution for up to 3-4 hours. The soaking process will eliminate the yellow stains in the curtain. Soaking it for a long time is not a good solution because it will cause the damage of the color and weaken the material. Due to the large size of the curtain, it is important to clean one at a time.


One should fill water in the bucket approximately 1/2 full and with hot water. The amount of the non-chlorine solution should be about 1 oz. to any 3 gallons of water used. The detergent should be mixed appropriately and soak it for the required amount of time. One should check the machine periodically to ensure that all the stains have become invisible.

Cleaning and rinsing

After soaking linen curtain run the washing machine for about two minutes to work out the dirt and dust out of the fiber. After that, drain out the soaking solutions and extract for about 15 seconds to ensure all soaking solution is removed. Fill the washing machine with clean water and let it agitate for about two minutes. For more information click to investigate. Besidesdrain rinsing water and also extract for 15 seconds. Repeat this entire process three times.


Drying the linen curtain need the clean towel, and then you lay it flat on the floor depending on the shape of the curtain. If the curtain is larger than the towel, then fold it in half or quarter to fit the size. Roll the linen curtains curtain smoothly and tighten it as much as possible. Squeeze the towel so that much water can come out and unroll the towel. After that, hang curtain using the rings in a clean shower rod in the bathroom.


While the linen curtain is still wet, it is important to spray it with a starch so that it can help the ironing process easy. Ensure that you check the linen curtain periodically for the level of moisture content. With about 10{45e46e275212f6ab50f93db6a0499a99b3c9ab2d068f7b310c78d2d7be85865e} moisture remaining in the curtain is the best time to iron it. Take curtain out of the shower rod and iron it smoothly. Use the iron box with a hot set of either linen or cotton.


Linen curtains especially those that are colored should not be hanged where there is direct sunlight, after ironing it ensure you rehang it so that it does not de-ironed itself again. Repeat all the steps with other linen curtains.

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