Non-profit organizations and charities depend on public support to keep them afloat. Although financial donations are also needed and welcomed, if you’re unable to make a financial contribution, there’s still many additional ways to show your support for the cause and lend a helping hand.

Purchase a Promotional Item

One organization dedicated to stopping hunger is selling girls necklaces to raise funds for their efforts. This example is one of many that charitable organizations are using to help raise money for their cause. Rather than making a monetary donation, you can purchase a promotional item and get something in exchange for your money. Aside from the necklace idea, organizations offer everything from ink pens to t-shirts to duffle bags and hats that you can purchase for various costs to show your support.

Donate No Longer Needed Items

There are many types of charitable organizations that accept monetary donations in addition to physical donations. Homeless shelters, domestic violence centers, newborn help centers, and others accept donations of everything from clothing to furniture to baby items to household goods and everything in between. Your donation is tax deductible, and helps someone in need. Many organizations will pick up the items if you call them and make the request. It feels good to donate items, knowing someone will get use out of them.

Create a Fundraiser

Creating a fundraiser is a simple way to make a large contribution to an organization that you support without digging deep in your pockets. When everyone pitches in to help, it’s far easier to raise money. This is exactly what takes place when you create a fundraiser. Social media sites (Facebook, for example) have options that allow you to create fundraisers and make charitable donations from their site, but this is only one of the many ways to start a fundraiser.

Shop for a Cause

Turn your shopping fun into profits for an organization of your choice using the shop for a cause future many online businesses now offer. Amazon is one such retailer that donates a percentage of very purchase to the organization you’ve selected. There’s hundreds of charities to choose from to help when shopping online. It’s an easy way to give back!

Volunteer Your Time

If you don’t have money, do you have a little bit of time? That’s all you need to volunteer services at one of the many organizations that depend on people helping man the ship to keep it afloat. Most volunteer opportunities require no experience or minimum hour commitment, so why not help out when you can? Your time makes a huge difference to an organization in need, and you feel great knowing that you’ve helped in some way.

Final Thoughts

Donating money to an organization that helps around the community (or at a higher level) is certainly not the only way to do your part to help out, as indicated with the above information. Use one or more of these ideas if you want to make a non-financial contribution to an organization near and dear to your heart.

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