Nowadays, it is hard to find a productive person walking without a notebook. They make notebook keeping a habit. Whether maintaining productivity in jobs or managing personal lives, people find notebooks useful and must-have tools. They are easy to carry and come in different sizes and shapes. Also, you can use them as either field notebooks or personal notebooks.

You can use your notebook as a platform to capture your imaginations, a diary to record personal life experiences or a schedule for organizing your daily tasks. Getting notebooks with custom designs in different shopping stores is easy. Notably, online stores specializing in custom notebooks can supply you with your favorite notebook. Since it is a personal document, there is no limit on what to include in your notebook. You can have:

  • Sketches and drawings
  • Views on something or someone, or anything you think
  • Any idea that pops up in your mind, but you don’t want to forget it
  • Different quotes that motivate you.

Shop a Notebook that Reflects your Tastes

What kind of a notebook do you want? What colors, size, and paper rulings do you prefer? First, review different shopping platforms and identify the types of notebook available. Take note of every detail such as the quality of the paper, the bonding method (stapled, glued, or bound with a metal spiral), and the paper format.

You should shop a quality paper notebook to have clear writings using different types of pen. Additionally, take note of the notebook’s cover; whether it has long-lasting material or can tear faster. The durability of the journal is determined by the type of binding used. Lastly, the format of the papers is critical depending on how you want to write your points.

Collecting Useful Information Using a Notebook

If you suddenly think of something, which you would consider later, record it in your notebook. Right everything down without initial filters; usually, good ideas emerge at unusual times, and you can quickly lose them if not recorded. You can also gather information by stashing any critical small papers like receipts between the notebook’s papers. Remember to separate different ideas using new pages, or by just drawing a differentiating line. Then, always keep the notebook with you: place it within reach even when working.

How to Process Information

It is useless to gather and record ideas with no aim of processing them. It is advisable to review your notebook several times a day when the ideas are still fresh in your mind. Here, you can filter the ideas and even add them to your program. Do not ignore any idea as they are important to your productivity.

Replace your Old Notebook with a New One

Sometimes, people are reluctant to shop for new notebooks on the basis that they won’t get exact types in the market. Of course, the market continuously changes to stock new products, but you cannot miss a personalized notebook. Still, you can buy more notebooks that have an attractive design. But ultimately, you should develop a habit of keeping and using a notebook in line with productivity missions.

Completed LG video wall Ethiopia project
Completed LG video wall Ethiopia project

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