CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — As we previously reported, Kai Chavis a 17-year-old who is also the owner/CEO of Slumber Skate Co.

Chavis spoke about his experience at the New York fashion show when he first arrived a few weeks ago.

“They didn’t think I was the owner, because I look really young. So everybody just kind of assumed maybe I was there to spectate the fashion show,” Chavis said.

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Chavis said he didn’t know he was going to pick out the model’s outfits until the day of the show. “I got to dress my own models, so I was pretty shocked about that. It was something new to add, something I’ve never experienced before. So that was pretty cool to me.”

He said the experience was priceless and it also motivated him to take his brand to the next level.

“I already knew it was a really competitive industry and it takes a lot of being unique. Not only as a designer but you have to have unique clothing. Because if you’re the same as everybody else, you’re not going to improve, you’re not going to grow, and you’re not going to get sales from it most importantly,” Chavis said.



Chavis knows he has people looking up to him. But he also has lofty goals for the Corpus Christi skateboarding scene, hoping to change the negative narrative around skating communities for the better.

“The more that people get into skateboarding, the more other stuff will build up for skateboarding. Not only more skate parks, we’ll build more of a community. And maybe that’ll open people’s eyes that were not here to cause trouble,” Chavis said.

Chavis previously held a free skate competition at Cole Park, which he said was a huge success. He tells us there are preliminary plans in place for his brand to host another free competition in the coming months.

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