Regulating the amount of light that gets into a room is important. Natural light can help people see things and make them feel at home. Light can help people see things better so they can cook a meal, respond to a neighbor’s question and work at home. The same is true of artificial light. Artificial light helps make it easy for anyone to navigate their home at night so they don’t fall down a flight of stairs. However, in many cases, it is also important to block all light sometimes. Blocking out light helps people sleep better and relax late at night when they want to get to bed. There are many ways to accomplish this goal. Blackout curtains are efficient, easy to use and look good.

The Color Scheme

One of the primary considerations when picking out curtains are the colors. Many people have a specific color scheme in mind before they go shopping. A background color like a soothing shade of light green can help the room feel calming. Using curtains in the same color is one way to help the room look good. Many people also think about using a contrasting color. A splash of dark pink adds personality and helps it feel lively. Each curtain typically has both an under layer and an upper layer in order to block out as much light as possible. Most curtains have two parts that are both the same shade so the look is uniform. However, a curtain may have one part that is darker than the other to help fully reduce light.

Each Window

Each window may need a blackout curtain. Putting these kinds of curtains on each window is the best way to help keep out as much light as possible. Look around the room and note each window. Many places can create custom made curtains for smaller windows or windows that are oddly shaped. For larger windows, standard curtains work very well. A four post bed is a good place to place several of these types of curtain on each part of the bed. The curtains can provide a small space apart from light while the rest of the room has standard curtains against the wall.

A Unified Look

When looking at curtains for the windows in the bedroom, a blackout curtain can help create a unified look in all parts of the bedroom. Look for fabrics that match the rest of the fabrics used in the room. For example, linen curtains are ideal in spaces that have lots of other kinds of soft and warm fabrics in understated colors. For a room with a crisper and tailored look, search for curtains that help add to this look with lots of sharp corners. The curtains fit in well with other types of bedding such as down comforters and pillows. A unified look will help people fall asleep faster as the entire room is one unified and inviting space with little light.

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