Another year has come and gone, which means it’s time to start planning our vision boards for the year ahead. But first, let’s talk about the 2023 style trends that experts predict will take over our closets. Thanks to Pinterest, we know to start shopping for airy styles—think anything with lace, tulle, or ruffles—but what else? 

In the name of fashion journalism and looking cute at all our events next year, we spoke with several stylists, fashion influencers, and designers about the 2023 style trends they think are on the horizon. (We also asked for the trends they think will die, because we’re thorough like that.) 

Among the experts, there was a general theme for the coming year: embracing your own style. The trends below are all fun to participate in, sure, but only if you can make them your own. “I think people are getting more comfortable with pushing the boundaries,” fashion creator Kendall Rayburn tells Glamour. “Fashion is only getting more creative in terms of self-expression.” 

So let’s get into it! Below are the 2023 style trends to look out for, according to the experts. 

2023 Style Trend: Oversized Everything

Gen Z has already banished the skinny jean from their closets, and Rayburn thinks they’re onto something. With oversized blazers and extra-large shirts trending on the TikTok For You page every other day, Rayburn predicts the oversized trend will only grow in strength next year, with even the bottom of our pants expanding. So here’s to embracing flared bottoms and wide-leg jeans in 2023.

Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

Madewell Plus Perfect Vintage Wide-Leg Crop Jeans

2023 Style Trend: Corsets, Corsets, Corsets

Katia Barros, cofounder of popular fashion brand Farm Rio, says the Victorian-era corset looks aren’t going anywhere. The trend has been seen recently on celebs like Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid and is set to stick around next year. “We love the tight-to-the-body, smocked corset dresses with that sexy yet cool look,” Barros tells Glamour.


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