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Samsung’s Freestyle 2 combines a projector and a gaming hub all-in-one, and the Freestyle 2 builds on its predecessor with greater functionality, a better remote, and some literally game-changing features. In fact, what’s distinctly unique about the Samsung Freestyle 2 Gaming Hub is that you don’t need a physical console to play a game, but just the Freestyle 2, internet access, and game controller.

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When ZDNET’s Allison Murray and her husband tested the Freestyle 2 in their home, they were impressed with the portable projector’s power-packed value, and the ability to play video games from the ceiling — or any room in the house with an open wall. 

“My husband was able to play Rocket League with a free membership to GeForce Now, and other free games like Fortnite were also available. The overall gaming experience will depend on your Wi-Fi connection, but the graphics were crystal clear, and the Freestyle 2 loaded the games fast with virtually no glitches,” Murray said. 

And the Freestyle 2’s projecting capabilities weren’t lackluster, either. 

“The Samsung Freestyle 2 impressed me with both image quality, the ability to auto-focus — whether it was projecting onto a slanted ceiling or a projector screen — and the overall experience of setup and streaming,” Murray wrote in her review. 


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