A special bond of friendship binds you and your colleague at work. Whether it is purely platonic, or something more, the bond shared between you and him or her is always special. Witness the joy on your colleague’s face as you gift him or her with a special birthday flower bouquet.

6 Flower Bouquets to Gift Your Work Colleague on His or Her Birthday

A bouquet of flowers always accentuates the delight of a birthday celebration. No matter the variety of flower or how they are arranged, flowers are guaranteed to always be a beauteous aspect. Here are 6 of the most splendid flower bouquets to gift your colleague on the day of his or her birthday-

  1. Red Rose Bouquet – Draped in red, a bouquet of these gorgeous flowers are guaranteed to excite, as well as impress. With a bouquet of these exquisite flowers, be sure that no birthday can be any less than fulfilling.
  2. White Lily Bouquet – Pure, sophisticated, and soothing to look at, a bouquet of these rare and gorgeous lilies covered in white are a font of joy and happiness to be immersed into. What finer delight is there on a birthday than a bouquet of pure and majestic white lilies?
  3. Blue Orchid Bouquet- The majestic looking blue orchid is a splendor to receive, as it is to gift in equal measure. What finer floral delight to marvel upon in a birthday celebration than a bouquet of orchids colored in the royal blue?
  4. Orange Gerbera Bouquet – Lush and vibrant, the color orange in the orange gerbera signifies your own enthusiasm and passion for your colleague on his or her birthday. What better way to express your joy and love towards him or her than this spectacular bouquet of orange gerberas?
  5. Pink Carnation Bouquet – Nothing symbolizes joy and innocence more than the color pink. What better way to manifest these virtues than with the hue of pink in a bouquet of pink carnations to present to your colleague on his or her birthday?
  6. Yellow Rose Bouquet – Cheerful and joyous, with the color yellow dotting every inch of it, yellow roses are one of the most special flowers to reciprocate your friendship and happiness. What finer way to express these feelings for your colleague on his or her birthday than by this special flower bouquet?

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