Ali Rogin:

And Iman Amrani joins me now tell us more about the accusations that SHEIN faces.

Iman Amrani, Host, “Inside the SHEIN Machine: Untold”: So thank you for having me, Ali. We discovered that there were people who were working 18 hour days that which is against the law in China, it’s also against SHEIN’s code of conduct. People were given one day off a month.

And many people came to the factory and lived nearby in these kind of dormitories, which meant they couldn’t visit their families and they couldn’t go back home very easily or they would have their paddock.

There were other concerns about the fact that the environment was very pressured because the production level is so high and it’s so fast, they have to make so many items of clothing, and they have to work on commission. So, it means that it’s a very, very stressful environment to work in and not one that I think most people would want to work in.


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