July 22, 2024

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Celeb makeup artist reveals tips for creating pretty everyday beauty looks that can withstand heat and humidity

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A full face of makeup in the summer is not a good idea for several reasons.

As the temperature rises, your skin produces more sweat and sebum which can make your face look shiny, melt your makeup, clog pores and cause unwanted acne.

So we asked celebrity makeup artist and founder of Kimberly Cole Cosmetics, Kimberly Cole, to share her best summer makeup tips, including brands and products to use to create a natural beautiful look that will hold up under any and all circumstances.

The expert starts with an effective skincare routine that leaves skin clean, hydrated and dewy.

Zoe Kravitz has perfected the no-makeup makeup look

Zoe Kravitz has perfected the no-makeup makeup look

Kimberly’s eponymous line of products are made in the USA, cruelty free, clean and vegan. 

Start with your skincare 

Before applying any makeup, it’s essential to prep and cleanse the skin.

Kimberly uses her brand’s Glow Cleanser, a self-activating, foaming cleanser that exfoliates, detoxifies, stimulates and nourishes skin, as it gently removes impurities, allowing moisturizer to absorb better.

‘A lot of times people don’t think they need moisturizer in the summer because they’re so hot or greasy, but you need something that’s a little lighter and with sunscreen,’ she explains.

Ditch heavy foundations 

The full coverage foundation you use in the winter can feel heavy and look cakey in the heat.

‘I prefer a tinted moisturizer on all skin,’ says the expert. ‘You don’t need a full coverage, matted look – that makes people look aged.’

Using her Mineral Sheer Tint, Kimberly dispenses one full pump onto her fingertips and starts at the center of the face.

‘I put a little on the forehead then pull it from the center out , so you’re not really covering where you have that mask or that line along the jawline people worry about.

‘It’s sheer enough that it’s just giving you a glow and a little bit of nice coverage and then anywhere you feel like you might want to coverup redness or imperfections, that’s where you pull out your concealer and spot where you need it, perhaps around your nose, mouth and blend it out.’ 

Opt for a sheer tint moisturizer for a flawless look like internet personality Alison Bowles

Opt for a sheer tint moisturizer for a flawless look like internet personality Alison Bowles

When applying tinted moisturizer, ditch your Beauty Blender and use your fingertips as your tool for the most natural skin-like finish. 

‘I want to apply my tinted moisturizer like a moisturizer,’ shares Kimberly. ‘You’re not going to put that on with a Beauty Blender, it soaks up a lot of your product.’ 

For extra SPF protection, she uses the tinted moisturizer over her lips and under her eyes. 

‘It doesn’t really move, it will absorb, and it wont look as moist after it dries.

‘Then I spot-in with concealer. You won’t need as much, and you won’t feel like you have makeup on your skin.’

Contour cheeks naturally

Kim Kardashian made the trend of contouring go viral using her ‘3’ method.

With a contour stick, the reality star draws the number on her face (starting at the the forehead, down the cheekbone, and along the jawline) before blending it in with a Kabuki brush.

Kimberly suggests a simpler approach for a quicker, natural summer look.

‘It doesn’t have to be a big sculpt out, just put a little bit of a darker cream wherever you feel like it and use your fingers to blend,’ says the artist.

Create the illusion of thick black lashes

For a neutral and dramatic eye, Kimberly suggest using a gel eyeliner. 

‘It goes on easily and gives you a minute to manipulate before it dries.

‘I get really close to the lash line – it should feel like you’re putting eyeliner in your lashes – and smudge it in, and then I use my fingers to smudge it out under and into my lashes, and then coat on lots of mascara.’

For a natural enhancement, Kimberly is a fan of highlighter powder.

‘I have a highlighter powder that I really love, it resembles the inside of a seashell, with a bit of an iridescent.

‘There’s no glitter but there’s just that little bit of a pearly shine that I would put at the brow bone maybe high up on the cheeks, and tap a little on lid.

‘If you really wanted to use a shadow, I typically go with taupe or brown or I’ll just use a black liner and blend it up into brow bone.’

For the perfect pout, slightly over line the Cupid's bow area with a lighter shade, then overline the bottom lip to create a natural contour

For the perfect pout, slightly over line the Cupid’s bow area with a lighter shade, then overline the bottom lip to create a natural contour

To help open the eyes, many curl their lashes before applying mascara.

‘I don’t curl mine but I do use a lash primer,’ shares the expert. 

‘I love this lash primer by L’Oréal, it comes in a white tube. It conditions and lengthens the lashes, and kind of curls them up so then when you use my Luxury mascara in black, it’s almost like you’re putting on a second coat.’

Kimberly Cole’s 4-in-1 mascara helps to fortify lashes at it curls, volumizes and conditions.

Apply generously to lashes in an upward motion, wiggling the bristles at the lash root. 

‘It’s is a buildable mascara so it doesn’t get dry and flaky. You can go and put another coat on right away.’

To give your lashes added volume without looking fake, Kimberly is a fan of Lashify falsies. 

‘The original Lashify lash that goes under your lash line is brilliant. Apply four across, and you won’t have to put on mascara; they look more natural than lashes that sit on top of your lash.’

Enhance your brows 

The perfect eyebrow can enhance your overall appearance. 

‘Using a very thin pencil, you want to fill in sparse areas by mimicking the hairs and following the natural curve of the brow.

‘Use a spoolie to blend it together.’  

Kimberly also recommends a tinted brow mascara wand to make brows appear thicker and more defined.

Don't overdraw eyebrows but rather fill in sparse areas using a thin pencil

Don’t overdraw eyebrows but rather fill in sparse areas using a thin pencil

Try highlighter for an effortless glow 

Kimberly prefers cream blushes as opposed to powders in the summertime.

‘I love highlighter, but you have to put it in the right place. 

‘Don’t put it where the skin gets oily, like the T-zone, that will enhance where you want it flatter. 

‘Use it above brow, on brow bone, top of cheeks, and a little on the nose.’

Create fuller-looking lips 

To create the perfect pout, you do not want to line your entire lip.

Slightly over line the Cupid’s bow area with a lighter shade, then overline the bottom lip to create a natural contour.

‘It’s like your shadowing with lip liner,’ explains Kimberly. ‘Then color it in, smudge, color in and smudge, then blend with lip gloss.’

Kimberly’s collection includes an invisible lip liner. 

‘If you apply that on your entire lip and around your lip line it keeps anything from bleeding out and it helps whatever lip gloss or lipstick you’re wearing to adhere and last for a long time.’

While you could do a dramatic red lip, Kimberly favors a more neutral look and says ‘keeping your lips moist is the sexiest pretty lip.’

Lock it in place with a setting spray

The best setting sprays will ensure that your makeup doesn’t budge on the sweatiest of days. 

‘I like MAC and Make Up Forever, MAC has a beautiful rose setting spray.

If you want to powder, ‘I would press it in and only use in the center of the face.’

Don’t go to sleep with your makeup on 

Removing makeup before bed is important because the skin renews itself while you sleep. 

Kimberly recommends the Face Halo Makeup Remover Pad.

‘You get it wet, then squeeze the excess water and it will take all makeup off – even eye makeup – with no soap or makeup remover. 

‘Apply moisturizer and then go to bed.’

The summer arsenal: 


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