July 22, 2024

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Erasing gender gap in financial literacy is Gayle Jendzejec’s business

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  • Seeing her mother juggle three jobs to support her family as a single parent motivated Gayle Jendzejec to work hard to secure her own financial future.
  • Now a financial planner who runs her own company, she is helping other women overcome their timidity in making big-picture decisions about their money.
  • Her company is also reaching out to Latino clients and members of other underserved communities on ways to save money for retirement and provide for their children’s future.

From a very young age, Gayle Jendzejec knew she wanted to be her own boss.

Growing up in Coventry, her parents’ divorce forced her mother to work three jobs in order to support Jendzejec and her two sisters (her father never paid child support). Jendzejec (pronounced Jenzick) knew that if she ever needed spending money, or the funds to eventually buy a car and pay for auto insurance, she would have to earn it.

So at the tender age of 9, she became a “paper girl,” delivering The Providence Journal to her neighbors. To garner higher tips, she would even deliver the paper by boat to customers who lived on Johnson’s Pond during the summer.


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